MRI left knee

Peace of cake my mind is at ease know I layed there perfectly still it was no problem the machine was big the table was really flat and it was very noisy but the gave me earphones I listened to lynle Ritchie it was a little stressful but I got it done hopefully the Dr will see the problem

Middle of the night

Couldn’t sleep I got a big morning so maybe I’ll go back to sleep or fix some coffee I get excited about the next day I always wake up early got physical therapy I can hardly walk right now I got a pretty good doctor I can’t drink it effects my legs may God carry me today

Me and Momma

The past few weeks it’s been strained but today was to cute we laughed at Momma we got the date wrong I was 2 day’s late for the MRI it’s fine know we rescheduled oops I’m smiling so not so bad mom decided she can’t text we had a good day anyway love for Momma she tries to take care of me I just think she get’s overwhelmed and agrifated with me I can’t blame her my knee is a big problem I’ll keep anyone who cares informed I did get pretty nervous about the MRI I don’t know why it’ll be no problem I’m for sure

Joker’s Clown’s and Somby’s oh my

Many people make up this Galaxy then why do I run into the same Bull-Shit where are the Angle’s in my life well my path’s paved road is under construction maybe that’s the delusion 2 step’s forward and 1 step back 2 step’s forward 3 step’s back just breaking even it’s wear you started from Clowning Connie and Lovely Lori lives not easy people think’s I’m crazy let me tell you something you won’t find someone more honest than I am but forces around me are imprestionable and against me why would anyone won’t me to succeed me prospering is there demise when you have to pray so much in your life is that really right come on let me live my life worry about your own ass let me be I’m happy may God Walk besides me today for if he has to carry me how well is that

Joker’s beware

Have you ever been told a story but they leave out the most important part they told me a story when I was young and told me the part about bad laddy and said you catch her and it will be the ruins of child abuse but as the story unfolded that part was never brought up but failure is not an option amazing the demise of one lady could do so much good for the future your pipe dream’s or the pipe dream’s of other’s who’s to say it will blaze maybe that means the stories only beginning of the end so who’s to say she has a path they tried leathle injection a little while back something wasn’t right so death roe doesn’t really mean death it’s the true story of life and life is only 20 year’s and the insight of this joke is don’t do Dum shit you Dum Clown’s a story is that only a story may God find his children and may your’s never be took


I have a sperm donor a father who’s raised me and a correction’s officer who made me and call’s me Baby a few Somby’s who’s Merried me a Mother’s who is my keeper 2 daughter’s who Hate’s me 1 crazy ass hellraising brother who’s inasent ass is anything but 1 legal and one elegle sister in Law’s and neaces oh ye we have a curse but that’s another story and I’m a grandma

Mr Red Balls Clown’s

My own fault right ok let’s go with that let’s have a new number the number 2 it takes two match smell burnt but at least I’m sober 3 week’s life goes on and so does the story merry go rounds up in my double bed because of chat sex got rid of the single oh no oh yes just oh baby my life’s on contract oh baby will you take 7 goats how about One at a time buy myself back I’m for sure I’m up for sale I can buy anything on the right payment plan be afraid very afraid is that it smile’s and wicked laugh’s who’s afraid’s God said let me be I would sew but I don’t like line’s

Forces Against You

How much do I know? How much do you Know? I know I’m not afraid of the blood I see Spillt anymore but Red Balls is I. I’m ready to move on Me is ready’s to see Myself is just praying Darling took my to year’s to get past the box’s what’s the next phase¿?????????¿??????????¿???????????????????????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿Life is always good

They have heart

They have heart to dig a little deeper in mine with a shovel or a pic ax what difference does it make spill my brain in peace’s and then put me on med’s and say how normal I am not why the fuck not because who do I trust people out with there own agenda’s by know what heart it’s turned into lava burn’s who might try to touch it my God help me know pull the piece’s together again by a band aid my new glactical concrest is… Not you anymore Love’s lost for you isn’t that what you really want your not worth pissing on new found hate

Lovely Lori Who’s Not Really Lovely

I checked my horoscope today and it said happy time’s I don’t feel like it I feel like a blob zombie Force’s beyond my control I want more control of myself so I have a plan as my plans go that’s it my plan’s not there plans I’m about to be in trouble I pray it will work in the long run people with there own agenda’s I gotta be set free No more love for him anymore I want freedom witch I don’t feel I have but time if I stay here is going to keep running out by the time she dies so will I I want to flerish and I would like a significant other in more time my being is in jeperdy want to be free